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Holland & Davis

Holland and Davis is Now Endeavor Management

Holland and Davis (HDI), an established change management consulting firm, is now Endeavor Management. Holland & Davis was founded on the belief that our clients needed support to make change happen by producing positive business outcomes through rich development experiences, while ensuring the organization continues to sustain current revenue.

This is done by:

Leading the process of targeting the innovations that will have the best business value for our clients.

  • Organizations can be changed in almost any way … but not all changes or innovations will provide the business outcomes that the organization needs for competitive advantage.
  • We work with our clients to analyze their business data to make a prudent choice of the innovation targets that will get them the most “bang for the buck.”

Designing and developing the innovations to maximize our clients’ business results.

  • We use our technical skills and experience to lead the innovation process and to design the organizational changes needed for full business value of innovations … while ensuring that employees are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Deciding on the exact nature of the organizational changes needed to implement and gain full business value from an innovation, a new technology or a performance improvement, is a technical discipline that we have honed and mastered after almost 40 years of work on innovation and change

Bringing innovations to life … on target, on time, and on budget …by implementing the organizational change needed for full business value.

  • The best innovations and new technologies are still dependent on successful implementation. Holland & Davis is known for its superior implementation know-how, as well as for its mature professionals working side-by-side with our clients for this most critical step.
  • We tackle the implementation of an innovation as an engineering change project; ensuring all the required mechanical steps are in place for the fill business value of the innovation.
  • Our Engineering Organizational Change™ approach has been proven to result in innovation implementations … on target, on time and on budget.

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