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Project Effectiveness team – Assurance Review Objective

Our experts provide an objective review of key aspects of a capital project or program at various phases of the project cycle. The review may also be at a functional level having purview over a projects in specific regions, business groups or portfolio.

What you can expect from our Assurance Review process:

  • Objectivity
  • Focus on what really matters
  • Constructive, open & candid dialog

Two-way knowledge exchange sensitive to effective use of time. Clear actionable recommendations with solutions will be the outcome of the assessment.

The assurance review is not to be conducted in a style of an “audit”.

Terms of Reference

A collaborative scoping process with the client will delineate the object(s) of the assurance review and the most applicable areas of focus to be reviewed from each of the 3 groups: Project Capability, People and Delivering to Goals. The object of the review may be a function or organization supporting project development and delivery, a singular project that may be in any phase of delivery, a specific functional element (reservoir, drilling, wells, facilities, operations) of a project(s), or a unique issue. The essential areas of focus to be covered by the review will then be chosen. This will define the scope of the assurance review.

Essential Areas of Focus

The review covers up to 10 essential areas of focus categorized in 3 groups: Project Capability, People and Delivering to Goals. These essential areas of focus are ones that have the highest impact on project success as derived from the collective project experience of experts on Endeavor Management’s Project Effectiveness Team.

[third flow=”start”]Project Capability:
Project Selection
Project Strategy Selection
Execution Planning and Effectiveness
Project Governance/Risk Management[third flow=”hold”]People:
Project Organization Selection
Project Leadership
Operations Leadership[third flow=”end”]Delivering to Goals:
Project Team Alignment
Quality of Product
Performance Metrics


To allow for productive discussions, Endeavor will review fundamental project or functional documents.

For the chosen areas within each group, the Project Effectiveness Team will use an outline of open-ended questions to guide discussions with a cross-section of team members. The questions facilitate a candid, interactive, discussion environment.

Those target members will include members responsible for implementation of critical aspects of work, business or functional executives accountable for the development and operations of the asset, or business aspects of a project contract (in the case of service providers). It is preferred to have the discussion in small groups or with individuals to promote candid dialog. Video conferencing will be utilized where most cost or time effective.

Up to two Endeavor team members will be participating in each discussion. Appropriate notes will be compiled at each of the discussions.

The methodology will be adjusted to account for the project phase, dispersion of project team members, and scope of review.


When the discussions are completed, for each of the focus areas, the Project Effectiveness Team will provide feedback considering the following parameters:

  • Clarity of purpose and understanding
  • Consistency/Alignment of purpose and understanding
  • Depth and Breadth of purpose and understanding
  • Effectiveness and Impact on project success
  • Challenges Revealed
  • Breakout Ideas Revealed

With above, a summary of the analysis will be compiled into Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats for each focus area.


A results summary report will address the:

  • Qualitative readiness of project team or function to effectively deliver to intermediate and ultimate project goals,
  • Observed strengths to capitalize on,
  • Recommended improvements

The Project Effectiveness Team will debrief the client focal point and project team leader(s) to close out the Assurance Review Process.

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