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Optimizing Clinical Care Ecosystems

Providing the right care, at the right place, at the right time requires meeting needs throughout the continuum of the experience for patients, referring physicians and donors. In response to this growing challenge, we have created an approach to help clients design the optimal clinical care ecosystem. Through this approach we can help clients answer questions such as:

  • Where are the gaps in the current experience?
  • What strategic options are available, and how should we prioritize them based on the market weighed against your strengths and capacity?
  • What solutions will make the most impact and meet strategic goals?
  • What tools, resources, and technology are needed to implement the solution?

Although the approach can be tailored based on each client’s need and sphere of action, our proprietary transformational change methodology (e4) provides a framework for defining and sequencing activities necessary for sustainable change.

  1. Starting with Envision, we develop a comprehensive assessment of the current vs. future state. A best practice during this stage is to include senior leadership in the envisioning process.
  2. During Engage, the vision is translated into operational and organizational changes. It is critical that the leadership is enabled to lead the transformation, and front-line staff are included in process redesign to encourage their buy-in.
  3. The Energize stage focuses on motivation and mobilization to adopt the new design. This includes building an internal communications strategy and plan, recognition and reward system, and monitoring and measuring customer perceptions.
  4. Finally, in the Enable stage, the final infrastructure is put into place to sustain the new experience. This includes a long-term implementation plan, sustainability plan, long-term measurement, and knowledge transfer so that this process can be repeated with other areas.

Throughout the process, accounting for the holistic journey and access points at each stage of the customer experience allows for comprehensive strategy and solution development to create loyal customers. Examples of access points may include: Community PCP/Outpatient diagnostics, community specialists, community hospitals, regional centers, and academic medical center. Through the use of encounters data and claims data, we can determine market-based potential vs. current usage of access points throughout the journey.

View this presentation to learn more about how we can help design an optimal clinical care ecosystem to provide facilitate better experiences and ultimately growing volumes.




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