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So Many People to Keep Informed...
So Little Time

Introducing Stakeholder Analysis

When it comes to organizing communications quickly across a number of groups, there’s a useful process called stakeholder analysis.  Stakeholder analysis is used to identify all audiences (usually focused on internal or external stakeholders, not necessarily customers), your need for their input/involvement, their current level of commitment, and, most importantly, their goals.

One of the central tenets in stakeholder analysis is there are differences in needs – functional and emotional, and that those needs vary in impact (from low impact to severe).

Another key concept is that communications channel vary in richness.  Face to face communication is richest form of communication.  A stationary printed communication is probably the leanest. And there are many variants in between with richness being defined as the multi-modal nature of the communication and direction (one way or two way).  For example, while email is fast, it’s a very lean form of communication.

Leaders, particularly those organizing communications, can then utilize this template to map out how communications take place, by topic, across stakeholder groups.

Caution: This document is intended ONLY for those who are organizing these communications and should not be shared with the stakeholders themselves.

Here’s our step-by-step guide.

Of course if you’re interested in having us lead a virtual workshop or training, please don’t hesitate to contact us!



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