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The Power
of Consumer Insight
During a Time of Crisis

As we are all learning to navigate this new normal, many leaders and marketers are faced with the uncertainty of what customers and want and need – there’s a lot of power in consumer insights during a crisis.

The good news is that consumers are continuing to engage in online research, and some have even found higher than normal response rates due to consumers having more time at home. Now is the time to identify how to support customers in the best way possible, and to set up your organization for recovery after the worst of the crisis has passed.

There is a solid technology infrastructure that allows us to do this without needing to be together in-person. Here are some considerations:

  • Along with traditional online survey tools, there is also well-proven technology available for research that is more commonly done in person, such as online focus groups or user testing. This technology is cost-effective, does not require travel, and can provide quick results.
  • While consumers and customers are forgiving of delays and inconveniences now, it is important to understand what comes next. In what ways are their priorities, needs, and preferences changing? There are many reasons to expect that the effect of COVID19 will result in long-term changes and new habits – so understanding what this means for your business now is critical to a quick recovery.
  • Internally, employees are also uncertain and (depending on the specific field) overworked and over-stressed. Understanding their needs, areas of uncertainty, and what information they are lacking and help guide the organization to provide the foundations for a high performing culture.
  • Marketers want to communicate with audiences, but are unsure what messages will resonate or how to best get the message across. Online tools can allow quick ways to gauge responsiveness to potential messages, assess priorities, and enable marketers to make decisions about how to most effectively communicate.

At Endeavor, we have experience in deploying this type of research efficiently and quickly. While we recognize that there are many distractions right now, we also recognize this as a critical time in which organizations must develop an insight-driven strategy to navigate the new market. Contact us to learn more.



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Nicole Coy Practice Leader, Customer Experience

Nicole is an experienced marketing strategist for the healthcare industry, with almost a decade of experience leading experience mapping and branding engagements for...

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