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What to Consider
When Hiring a Coach

Who supports you?  What should you consider when hiring a coach?

As a leader in your organization, you are getting the business back on track while simultaneously figuring out the new path forward for the business. Wedged into your new executive office at home, your environment consists of disrespectful co-workers, barking at the delivery person and a significant other who just needs a moment of your time.

You just completed the first round of layoffs and are not sure there won’t be more. How will you resource recovery, much less the path forward? The mentor whom you relied on as a sounding board in dealing with the unknown is gone, a victim of the first round of layoffs.

How do you as that leader get the support you need?

A dedicated resource can be found in a professional coach, experienced in business and tuned to the needs of leaders (you) and followers (those you are leading). How do you find this person if you are not already acquainted? And how do you evaluate who you do find or are introduced to?

We have created a guidebook to help you find the resource you need. Access it here, or if you would just rather get to it,


contact us here.



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Barbara Stewart Director

Barbara Stewart is an experienced Executive Coach focused on Leadership Development, Team Facilitation and Workshops, Employee Engagement and Professional Development....

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