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Who Will Lead

What is required to lead post-crisis?

The short answer…the same things needed to lead any organization through a transformation. Every organization has a new operating model to adapt. Who is best suited to define the way forward?

Any and all of us can, but as with any crisis, a few will emerge with the skills, talents and emotional stability to lead the charge.

What does that look like?



This is the leader who will engage the entirety of the organization in defining the new way of being. They may be a single person or a collection of persons embodying these characteristics. They will represent these traits most days, and at times when they don’t, they have the humility to own their humanness and reset for another day.

Do you recognize these traits in your leadership? Most of us see a few and recognize the importance of all. For those dedicated to the purpose, each of these traits can be learned and refined. We’ve created a safe space for leaders to do so.

Learn, refine and grow with a group of like-minded and experienced colleagues in a Leadership Peer Group.



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Barbara Stewart Director

Barbara Stewart is an experienced Executive Coach focused on Leadership Development, Team Facilitation and Workshops, Employee Engagement and Professional Development....

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