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Join your peers for
MarCom benchmarking



Protecting your MarCom budget is a necessity in today's healthcare environment

Backed by the power of Endeavor Analytics, By the Numbers: MarCom dashboard empowers users to drive meaningful decisions about MarCom spending by benchmarking against similar health care organizations.

Subscribers can use interactive analytic dashboards, easy-to-use filters, and real-time data to uncover actionable insights and improve their understanding of industry best practices.

  • Interactive dashboard that allows you to benchmark with other organizations in practically unlimited ways, e.g., on specific budget elements, organization groups, over time.

  • Create customizable reports with downloadable graphs ready for uploading into presentations.

  • Opportunity to “talk to an expert” about your data.

  • Exclusive invitation to subscriber-only events, user group sessions, webinars and VIP receptions.

  • Exclusive online community to interact with subscriber peers and share best practices.

The ONLY MarCom Benchmarking program designed BY and FOR
national health care leaders.



Dashboard Examples

  • Year to Year Comparisons

    We’ve created a tabular view of the data entry screen instead of a page-by-page questionnaire. This allows you to see things at a glance. In addition, for prior year’s participants, you will be able to see your previous submissions and make adjustments.

  • Instant Results

    We’ve now powered our benchmarking dashboard to give you some instant gratification (and data checking, too). As you complete each answer, the system will generate a graph to compare your results to the overall average.

  • In-depth FTE Data

    To best meet your needs, we have fields to track not only percentages of FTE salary/benefits, but also distribution across job functions. You’ll be able to compare how your organization distributes your human resources across job areas.

Key Resources

  • Questions?

    We’ve listed out various FAQs – from how we gather the data to how we preserve anonymity.



  • Fact Sheet

    Here’s a summary you can share with your internal stakeholders about the benefits of the program.



  • Worksheet

    Here’s a worksheet that will help you gather the information you need to complete the survey.

  • How do you compare?

    Proof your MARCOM budget is under-resourced compared to other industries.



See what your peers are saying

  • Hendrick Health System

    Hear from Jesiree Driskell, Director of Marketing and Communications at Hendrick Health System as she discusses how the MarCom benchmarking tool shows her where the health care field is going and how she stays in tune with patients’ demands.

  • Mary Washington Healthcare

    Lisa Henry, Associate Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Mary Washington Healthcare says “it’s critical to have a true understanding so that you’re not competing or trying to compete against an industry that just doesn’t measure up to the same type of skill and support that you need.”

Product Demo

Previous Presentations

  • 2019 Conference Presentation

    Our subsequent years have allowed for a wider variety of data comparisons. Peter Miller and John McKeever share how those organizations supporting a cancer center differ from others.

  • 2017 Conference Presentation

    Peter Miller and John McKeever share the results of the first Marcom benchmarking year. Of particular interest were the comparisons to out-of-industry marketing budgets – yes, healthcare is very low.

  • 2021 Conference Presentation

    Please email us to request access.

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