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  • The Science and Art of Change Leadership

    October 18th, 2023

    Most of us know that one of the “certainties” of life and business is that change is a constant. There are some great models and guidelines for Managing and Leading change available to help organizations, structure, plan and achieve their goals and reasons for changing. We believe that with...

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  • Perspective-Taking in Addressing Health Disparities in Health Outcomes

    October 2nd, 2023

    Addressing health disparities in health outcomes for groups that have experienced discrimination is an important priority for every healthcare provider.

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  • Leaders vs Managers

    September 28th, 2023

     Research has found there are tangible behaviors and characteristics that differentiate leaders vs. managers.

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  • Performance Management with Impact

    September 20th, 2023

    Performance Management is a critical component of driving effective and robust talent pipelines and research has shown a consistent pattern of leading practices.

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  • Filling and Sustaining the Talent Pipeline

    September 7th, 2023

    When asked where they believe CEO’s should be spending the majority of their time, Boards of Directors of Fortune 500 companies more likely than not will site “growing talent.” In fact, many have indicated well over 50% of a CE0’s time should be devoted to this space. With this as a...

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  • Hydrogen Likely End Users

    September 6th, 2023

    The most likely end users of hydrogen: directly as a fuel burned in place of current fuels e.g., natural gas, feed to fuel cells, and the production of green ammonia and green methanol.

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  • Agile Culture

    August 30th, 2023

    The ”technical” process and “people behavior” partnership   As the “Agile Culture” revolution has evolved, not surprisingly, there has been an intersection between where the “technical process” factors meet the “behavioral” / “people-focused” factors. For years,...

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  • Agile HR

    August 16th, 2023

    Agile Human Resources As we conclude the first series of blogs around “Agility” and people-focused “best practices,” here are some thoughts on what it means to have an “Agile HR support team.” For years, HR has been striving for that coveted “seat at the table.” And, based on...

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  • Agile Talent Management

    August 9th, 2023

    As we explore the importance of helping companies evolve into a more “agile, nimble, and responsive” work environment, here are some practical thoughts on moving in an “agile” direction.

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  • Agile Workforce Planning

    August 2nd, 2023

    A company’s commitment to adopt an “Agile” work philosophy and method is the name of the game right now and will be a differentiator for success.

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  • Hydrogen – Storage Options

    June 20th, 2023

    Hydrogen Storage Options In this the fourth of five short blogs , we will address, again without going deeply into the weeds, the options for the storage of hydrogen.  Hydrogen can be stored as a gas at high pressures or as a liquid at very low temperatures or in the form of a liquid hydrogen...

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  • Optimize patient communication through segmentation

    May 23rd, 2023

    Intuitively, most managers and analysts know that patient and customer segmentation is critical to drawing out insights from preferences and behaviors. However, before leaping into the process of customer segmentation, it is valuable to think about segmentation in three steps.

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  • Remote Work...Still?

    May 17th, 2023

    Even as employees are returning to the office, there is still considerable interest in remote and hybrid work.

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  • The Essential Role Of Leaders In Internal Communications

    April 27th, 2023

    Healthcare systems must arm their leaders with the story of their organization. Your narrative should always point to the organization’s goals while also bringing its people forward into the spotlight. Keeping the message and the method personal and relevant reaches employees more effectively...

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  • How Digital Marketing is Leading the Way to the Perfect Patient Experience

    April 25th, 2023

    Digital marketing in healthcare is not only the wave of the future and how we engage with each other, but it is also the future of comprehensive patient care and overall satisfaction.

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  • Hydrogen – Transportation Options

    March 30th, 2023

    There is considerable discussion in the literature about the options for the transport of hydrogen. It can be transported by truck or rail as either a liquid or gas; by ship as a liquid; by pipeline either pure or blended with natural gas; or by using a hydrogen carrier e.g., ammonia, methanol,...

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  • Maybe It's Not Marketing's Fault

    February 21st, 2023

    George Danner, Chief Data Scientist at Endeavor Management, was recently published in Strategic Health Care Marketing.

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    February 8th, 2023

    A case for mentorship in leadership development   Developing and sustaining a continuous pipeline of leaders is a challenge for most companies under normal circumstances but is now an even greater need to develop and deploy solutions in the energy transition environment.  The urgent demand for...

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  • Repurposing JIP: There’s More to Life Than Design Life

    January 18th, 2023

    The main key technical aspects when considering repurposing are structural loading, fatigue and corrosion. When considering these it’s useful to also consider the history of steel structures in hostile marine environments, as there are many marine structures that are older than oil and gas...

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  • Hydrogen – How Does It Compare to Natural Gas and Ammonia?

    January 18th, 2023

    In this second of five short blogs we will address, again without going deeply into the weeds, the comparative characteristics of hydrogen to understand its place and ranking as an alternative fuel for the future.

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  • Increase Your Physician Marketing Budget

    November 10th, 2022

    Increase your physician marketing budget. With a little more intentionality and the financial resources to back it up, empowering your marketing teams to reach physicians will grow your clinical volumes and strengthen your relationships with those you need to reach most.

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  • Successful One-to-Many Physician Outreach

    November 10th, 2022

    One-to-many physician outreach tactics can successfully be low-touch and high-tech and still meet physician needs. And they come with the benefit of being lower in cost and time requirements than direct one-to-one marketing.

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  • A World Without Gas Stations

    October 20th, 2022

    Electric Vehicles (EVs) are here to stay and will become the new normal. We are well on our way to a world without gas stations.

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  • Hydrogen – What’s It All About?

    October 3rd, 2022

    Are you seeing the almost endless volume of articles, press releases, and webinars on hydrogen and the coming hydrogen economy and somewhat confused by it all?  Hopefully, this summary will help provide clarity without going too deeply into the weeds. Why the interest in hydrogen? The drive for...

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  • Gelb Consulting Group: Part of the DNA of Endeavor Management

    October 3rd, 2022

    In the 1960’s, as Houston began its march toward national prominence, Gabe Gelb established Gelb Marketing Research, later renamed Gelb Consulting Group.  In this booming era, decisions were made by knowledgeable wildcatters and real estate moguls, but few business leaders used data...

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  • Managing Repurposed Offshore Platforms

    September 13th, 2022

    The current trend of removing fixed or floating offshore Oil and Gas platforms either for demolition or for the rigs-to-reefs program misses the opportunity of creating new revenue streams, particularly in the ever-expanding energy transition arena. Repurposing these platforms for green energy or...

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  • Helping your healthcare organization thrive through the changes

    August 2nd, 2022

    PART FOUR Hospital Systems are going through a restructuring whether they intended to or not. Patient, physician, and employee expectations as well as the impact of the global pandemic have all played a role in bringing about change.  Executives are implementing quick-fix solutions that are...

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  • Restructuring the way you engage with physicians

    July 26th, 2022

    Physicians are paramount to the success of a hospital, yet few resources are given to partnering well and ensuring physicians are happy within the organization.  

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  • Common pitfalls leaders make in addressing healthcare staffing shortages

    July 20th, 2022

    Common pitfalls we see healthcare leaders make in reaction to the changes taking place in nursing.

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  • Reconsidering the Healthcare Business Model

    July 12th, 2022

    A structural change has been taking place in American Nursing for some time now. With all these changes, it seems inevitable that nursing is restructuring, and hospitals need to rethink their business models to match the trajectory. At Endeavor, we have the tools and expertise to help you through...

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  • Points to Consider to Ensure that your Health System Expansion Plans are Successful

    March 9th, 2022

    You only have one chance to make a great first impression with new audiences; how can you make sure you hit it out of the park? Endeavor Management believes that there is a strategic advantage in involving marketing communication experts at the earliest stages of expansion planning.

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  • Keys to Align Marketing and Physician Outreach

    February 28th, 2022

    We aligned marketing and physician relations to achieve a three percent increase in market share in one fiscal year. Here are the keys to align marketing and physician relations.

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  • Transformational Strategy

    February 9th, 2022

    Transformational Strategy focuses on large, cross-functional processes and entire business systems.

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  • Why Should Healthcare Concern Itself with A Digital Front Door Strategy?

    February 2nd, 2022

    The fast-changing landscape of the pandemic has taught us that people want options, and if offered multiple ways to meet their needs, they will remain loyal to your brand. 

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  • What in the World is Market Segmentation Doing in Healthcare?

    January 25th, 2022

    Our expectations when it comes to healthcare are evolving to match experiences in other sectors of life like retail, streaming services, and entertainment. No longer satisfied with the hospital down the street or any physician referred, patients expect multiple options, easy scheduling at the...

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  • What is Consumerism in Healthcare and Why Does it Matter?

    January 17th, 2022

    As people have had more exposure to innovative brands and companies in other areas of their lives, they have begun to expect similar standards of ease, access, customer experience, and choice in the healthcare sphere

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  • The Momentum of Integration - A Fully Interconnected Unit

    August 30th, 2021

    Integration within the Organization encourages your organization to be a fully-interconnected unit. Learn to bring everything together using Journey Management to move toward organizational success.

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  • Help your Workforce Contribute to Success

    August 18th, 2021

    Integration within the Organization helps your workforce contribute to the organization’s success. Learn how to use a simple integration approach to provide leadership and communicate your guiding principles.

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  • Measuring Organizational Progress

    August 12th, 2021

    Are we making Progress? Using the Baldrige questionnaire ( Baldrige Website ) and survey results can provide volumes of information about how well your organization is progressing in its journey toward success. The following graphs were derived from the 2011 survey on the Baldrige Board of...

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  • See the Whole Organization on a Single Page

    August 9th, 2021

    Integration within the Organization provides huge benefits when you can see the whole organization on a single page. Learn how to use the Key Themes Tool to view integration of the whole.

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  • Building Organizational Maturity

    July 29th, 2021

    Integration within the Organization allows you to judge your organization and build strength. Scoring Guidelines can be used to refine processes, make the most of measures, and strive for excellence.

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  • Capture your Organization’s True Character

    July 21st, 2021

    Integration within the Organization captures an organization’s true character. Discover your organization’s character by comparing it to an ideal organization, with merit and worth.

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  • Understanding Purpose is Pivotal to Success

    July 14th, 2021

    Purpose, begins with the End in Mind How do you define Success?  We know organizational success is based on many variables.  Why are some organizations more successful than others?  The answer is simple. Defining the organization’s “purpose” is pivotal to its success.  In recent years,...

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  • What measures are you taking to ensure that your business is not becoming susceptible to mediocrity via groupthink?

    July 9th, 2021

    Groupthink is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of well-intentioned people makes irrational or non-optimal decisions spurred by the urge to conform or the belief that dissent is impossible. The problematic or premature consensus that is characteristic of groupthink may be fueled by a...

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  • Discover the Power of Integration!

    July 8th, 2021

    To set the stage for this discussion on integration we need definitions [i] regarding the topic. Integration The harmonization of plans, processes, information, resource decisions, workforce capability, and capacity, actions, results, and analyses to support key organization-wide goals. Effective...

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  • Why Maximizing Production Means More Today Than Ever

    May 21st, 2021

    The trend of oil price forecasts has changed from years past and if you are not changing your business focus accordingly, you may be missing out on significant value. Historically, multi-year oil price forecasts when oil price was $100/bbl or lower have shown an increase per annum of...

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  • Wave of Energy Transition

    April 8th, 2021

    How should companies plan to address this change to exploit opportuities in the Energy Transition market?  How can such an evaluation take place when, in many cases, these sectors are not as mature or at an early stage?

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  • Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Carbon Footprint Modeling

    March 30th, 2021

    Today, we hear quite a bit about the energy transition and see many global companies resetting their business strategies to incorporate the impending move from oil and gas toward renewable forms of energy. The resetting incorporates anything from ambitious carbon footprint targets to measurable...

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  • Share of Usage Models Better Predict Growth

    March 30th, 2021

    Share of usage better predicts growth. Growth is a common objective among virtually all healthcare systems.  However, there are other ways to predict patient choice and usage more accurately and identify strategies to gain increased service usage more effectively.   

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  • Contact Centers Where We Go From Here

    March 10th, 2021

    Contact Centers - where do we go from here? Everyone is talking about the way we’re functioning now as our “new normal.” But is this current routine just a short-term patch while we work through the COVID-19 crisis, or will it change the way we operate in the future?

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  • 3 Top Demands of CEOs

    February 22nd, 2021

    As we work with CEOs and Boards of Directors at many different companies, we are starting to see some changes in what Boards demand from their CEOs.  Some of the things we see are pretty standard (Corporate Strategy) but some of the things are less traditional in terms of what CEOs in the past...

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  • Analysis of Brazil's Oil and Gas Sector

    November 23rd, 2020

    Endeavor Management would like to present its latest report on the O&G Sector in Brazil, recently published in World Oil magazine.  Ricardo Giamattey and Bruce Crager describe the current landscape in Brazil for the O&G industry, also including a section on renewables.  To understand...

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  • Preparing for the Future of Offshore Oil and Gas

    October 7th, 2020

    Are you ready for the next phase of Offshore Oil & Gas? Bruce Crager shares his views on preparing for the future of offshore oil and gas.

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  • Oil and Gas Markets after COVID

    September 28th, 2020

    When and how the Oil and Gas market will be in equilibrium once again is yet uncertain, but there is no reason to doubt the industry´s resilience Overview COVID-19 impact in the global economy may not be as severe as anticipated . When the COVID-19 pandemic is controlled and we reach “COVID...

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  • Brazil O&G

    July 20th, 2020

    Brazil joined the group of relevant O&G geographies given the discovery of a potential offshore hydrocarbons resource base so huge that perhaps its full potential will never be fully uncovered – this is known today in the O&G industry as the “Brazilian pre salt”.

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  • What To Consider When Hiring a Coach

    June 8th, 2020

    Who supports you?  What to consider when hiring a coach,

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  • Supply Chain Plan

    June 8th, 2020

    There are many businesses that have just tried to keep their head above water for the past few months with their supply chain plan.  Now is the time to get back in the game and reignite the growth engines.  What needs to be communicated, and agreed to, with your partners – up and down the...

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  • Mid-level Leaders Business Transformation

    June 1st, 2020

    How are Mid-level Leaders Part of Your Business Transformation? In this time of business transformation, engagement of Mid-level leaders by the executive team is crucial.  Mid-level Leaders (managers) support the message from the C-Suite and provide the feedback loop critical to getting all on...

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  • Who Will Lead

    May 26th, 2020

    What is required to lead post-crisis?

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  • The Power of Purpose

    May 12th, 2020

    The power of purpose is more evident now than ever. Create a compelling purpose that gets employees eager to come to work.

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