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Construction and Installation Team


The Endeavor Management Construction and Installation Team provides advisory services in the areas of construction, transportation and installation of marine structures and equipment. The objective is to help optimize construction and installation of offshore assets by addressing them upfront, and seamlessly integrating them through the design process

Far too often, transportation and installation issues are an afterthought, with design and construction stages only minimally addressing those issues.  And construction itself suffers from cost and schedule overrun due to insufficient flexibility in planning, with delay in delivery of critical items resulting in a cascade effect.


We help you to identify and address marine Construction and Installation challenges at the early stage of your project and optimize cost.
A typical approach would include:

  • Develop an optimized construction plan (modular or otherwise)
  • Assess & optimize transportation options
  • Optimize installation options
  • Ensure regulatory requirements, including decommissioning, are addressed

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Robust design to account for late changes
  • Flexible and adaptable construction schedule
  • Expand your C&I contractor choices through versatile design
  • Reduce cost, time and risk

FPSO Best Practices JIP

Expert Advisory Group – Construction and Installation Team
Offering: FPSO Best Practices Joint Industry Project

This JIP will be useful to all those who deal with FPSOs today and in the future because:

  • It can be the first step in an industry Recommended Practice. By joining this JIP, you will help the industry develop Best Practices which can be used by the other Participants and could be the basis for worldwide collaboration.
  • The companies who join will learn from the other Participants which is expected to include Operators, FPSO leasing companies, shipyards, Class organizations and engineering companies.
  • This JIP should be useful to your Company when considering FPSO projects. The relatively small cost of $65,000 should generate some future savings, even if only in improving partner alignment on FPSO Best Practices.

This JIP proposes to utilize Endeavor’s Expert Advisory Group to gather information from each of the participants, evaluate that information, develop and propose metrics, hold lessons-learned sessions to rate practices and achieve alignment on the best practices, and then to document this effort for participants.

The Issues to be examined include:

  • Strategic Decisions
  • Project Delivery
  • Mooring and Offloading
  • Hull Design
  • Process Module Design
  • Vapor Recovery, Gas and Water Treating
  • Startup and End of Project
  • Operational Considerations

Download Proposal for FPSO Best Practices Joint Industry Project

View or Download FPSO Best Practices JIP Press Release

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