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Delivery of Mission Critical Projects


Delivering on Key Projects

Assuring project execution on time and on budget, requires a comprehensive approach that affects all aspects of the project and the enterprise it serves – its culture, people, systems/processes, and structure. Equally importantly, it requires sustained effort and leadership to inspire people and to cascade new ways of thinking and behaving to accomplish the project.

Endeavor Management has been guiding our clients to transform their organizations for years using our e4 philosophy. This philosophy permeates every aspect of Endeavor’s Project Delivery and Assurance methodologies.

Our Approach

Our approach to delivering on key projects is summarized as both understanding how to engineer the project delivery process and motivate the people to transform their behaviors and attitudes to be consistent with what is necessary to deliver key projects on time and on budget.

In our experience, the engineering of project management processes, has reached a point of diminishing returns; that is not to say that more improvement is not needed in some organizations.

However, where the biggest areas of improvement seem to be are in facilitating the project teams into working better together on a team and individual behavioral basis. Essentially, our thinking is based in whether the team is in compliance mode for the project or whether the team is in the integration/internalization mode (adapt and overcome) mode for the project. High performing teams find that their members are in the majority, in the integration/internalization mode.

Our process utilizes the following four steps:

  1. Project Team Cultural Assessment and Redesign (what mode are the team members in)
  2. Strategic Change Management and Governance (How to create the right circumstances for the project)
  3. Leadership Alignment and Executive Coaching (How to move people into integration/internalization mode)
  4. Project Deployment and Continuous Learning (Excellence in Execution)

The key to the Endeavor Management process is to make sure that both the execution/operational side of project execution and the team cultural side (attitudes, beliefs and behaviors) are equally addressed in such a way as to assure project execution success.

Our Tools

  • Capital Decision Making
  • Decision Analysis
  • Project Team Alignment
  • Chartering
  • Communication
  • Experienced PM Advice (content and process)

Team Members

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