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Oil and Gas Speciality Support Team

Aligning People, Information and Data with Strategic Objectives

Our Oil and Gas Specialty Support Team (part of our Expert Advisory Group) is a central collection of specialists with expert knowledge on the corporate services required in every company across projects and fields. The individuals on this team work across any size corporate structure and through the full asset life cycle with all functions and technical teams to ensure the best output from people, information, and data. Members of this team work independently or with multidisciplinary teams within operators, engineering firms, or service/construction companies as well as financial investors and law firms. They provide critical input to leadership so that financial and technical decisions are made with the best strategic framework in place.


  • Offer advisory support skillsets to meet clients’ needs individually and collaboratively
  • Frame short and long term corporate goals to improve internal performance, external relationships, and asset development
  • Facilitate workshops to identify gaps in culture, strategies, and capabilities that can hinder clients from achieving goals and desired objectives
  • Provide evaluation and analysis needed across the corporate structure or full asset life cycle by working with the following functions and technical teams to ensure the best output from people, information, and data
  • Work collaboratively with Field Development, FEED, Operations, SURF, and Decommissioning teams to deliver holistic solutions for all assets.


  • Legal review, negotiations, and transactions
  • Asset strategies and philosophies for corporate and/or regional
  • Strategic brand management
  • Leadership and cultural organization transformation and management
  • Strategic decision analysis
  • Environmental assessments, ecological solutions
  • Data management
  • Industry best practices: asset development, operating efficiency, and technology development/application
  • Commercial Management and Asset Acquisition
  • Supply Chain Strategy and Management
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Technology Development
  • Risk Management, Evaluation and Assessment
  • Flow Assurance Management

Oil and Gas Speciality Support Team Members


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