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Tools for Building a High Performing
Emergency Department

The Emergency Department is an invaluable asset, serving as a  hospital’s front door. Yet assessing an Emergency Department’s organizational maturity can be difficult.  There are few assessments that provide an ED-specific, healthcare-relevant continuum for improvement.  

Gelb’s complimentary Sales and Marketing Assessment and Readiness Tool (SMART) for Emergency Department’s is designed to meet the need of evaluating performance against best practices. The findings from this tool identify strengths and weaknesses and prioritize areas for action. It can be used by leaders alone or to allow your front line staff and providers to participate to show areas of alignment. Take the survey here. 

Gelb offers a full range of tools and services to build a high performing Emergency Department, with experts who have executive-level experience doing just that. Learn more about how we can help by clicking on our Emergency Department fact sheet.


    Topics Covered in SMART

    • Senior Leadership: Includes goals and growth opportunities, value of customers, and climate for innovation and change.  
    • Business Strategy: Includes strategic planning, operational, financial and service line goals, and capacity for growth. 
    • Marketing and Communications: Includes marketing goals and role, tactics, and evaluation of marketing efforts 
    • Outreach and Collaboration: Includes role of and participants in outreach and level of collaboration with others to facilitate patient care
    • Service Delivery: Includes standards of care, beset practices, and satisfaction 

    Benchmarking Options

    Standard benchmarking is complimentary.   Here are the easy steps:

    • Submit your responses
    • The survey only takes 15-20 minutes and does not require gathering of additional information
    • Receive your responses compared to our best practice benchmarks at no cost.
    • You receive a PDF report showing where you stand relative to these benchmarks.
    • An annual subscription is available optionally; it includes comparison of scores to your peers in our database, contrasting scores among members of your team, and an individualized presentation of results

    Range of Capabilities

    We offer a full range of tools for building high performing Emergency Departments, including:

    • An assessment of current needs – a great place to start! Our on-site assessment provides a 360-view of current strengths, opportunities, best practices to adapt and an action plan for implementation
    • Well-executed research – including decision factors, market segmentation, and experience mapping
    • Action planning through cross-functional workshops, message mapping, process improvement, and strategic planning
    • CRM customization and dashboards for tracking KPIs
    • As-needed support for implementing action plans, leadership coaching and staff training
    • Learn more about Mark Brodeur, our expert in building high-performing Emergency Departments

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