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Expectations for operational excellence in the process industries have never been higher. Our process industry consultants can help.
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Expectations for operational excellence in the energy and industrials sectors have never been higher. Those societal expectations can be simply stated in three words: Never and Never Again. The dazzling array of laws, regulations, rules, and procedures that continues to grow serves as a false assurance that bad things never happen and when they do—they never happen again. After decades of system-based improvement and quality initiatives, the level of apparent system failures remains too high.

For over a decade, our energy and industrials consultants have helped a broad array of companies seeking to improve their operational performance in an environment of global economic uncertainty, rapidly changing workforce composition, and growing public expectations for incident-free operations and excellence.

Our work is focused around 3 key elements to help companies transform into Never and Never Again organizations: behaviors, systems and execution.

  • Align behaviors throughout the organization
  • Remove complexity, and simplify systems and organizations
  • Improve leadership’s ability to execute effectively


Our approach to helping companies on the journey to excellence can be summarized by four phases of work: Discover, Design, Implement and Sustain

  • Discover: Using Endeavor’s proprietary assessment methodologies coupled with interviews and workshops at all levels of the organization we will diagnose the current state of the business and identify barriers that need to be removed in order to achieve excellence
  • Design: Working with the leadership team we will design the Never and Never Again® Blueprint and align the team on the path forward. A key part of this process includes engaging the middle managers and front line to get their buy-in on the plan.
  • Implement: Typical actions in this phase include complexity reduction projects, executive coaching, behavioral alignment throughout the organization, and cultural alignment / team development workshops. We believe that this approach works best as a collaborative relationship and working partnership with our clients.
  • Sustain: The goal of this phase is to create a people advantage that allows the organization to sustain the change without having to rely on outside consultants. Typical activities could include critical thinking and purpose driven work workshops, coaching on leadership attitudes and actions, and cultural check-ups.

Our team consists of process industry experts in operations leadership, risk management, health and safety, stakeholder relations, change management and learning. All have significant leadership experience from the “boardroom to the factory floor.”

Endeavor has the fresh perspectives, passion for improvement and experience to guide you on the journey to excellence.


Business Performance Assessments
An efficient way to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. A “top down” assessment to gather information about many different areas and aspects of your organization, and then quickly pinpoints improvement areas. Most importantly, the assessment allows you to put priorities in perspective. We bring clarity to your desire to improve and bring positive change.

Our assessments can help you with operations change efforts, merger and acquisition due diligence, and internal growth opportunities.

History shows change and growth efforts often fail to deliver expected results. Even if they yield market share benefits and increased revenues, the costs arising from increased operational complexity often outweigh those benefits. Our team helps clients capture the full benefits from change and growth activities while keeping complexity at bay.

Complexity Management: Find it, Eliminate It, Prevent It
Endeavor Management can help you identify, quantify and take action on the complexity in your business. We meld deep client experience coupled with unique methodologies and approaches. We help you build the internal capabilities to manage complexity on an ongoing basis.

While much complexity is introduced externally to the business, significant complexity is “internally inflicted”. It tends to creep into organizations over time. Only a systematic approach to identify and evaluate the value and cost of that complexity can eliminate the unnecessary and ineffective. The periodic application of that system can prevent the reintroduction of unwarranted complexity.

Never and Never Again® Mindset – Aligning Behaviors & Responsibilities
Never and Never Again arose from the growing frustration and exhaustion we have seen among frontline workers. Long lists of job expectations often conflict. Growing systems, procedures, and other controls designed to positively impact results are having the opposite effect. Never and Never Again became a way to step back and refocus, not just on operational incidents, but on all aspects of excellence in a simple and more effective way.

Behaviors are essential to the needed critical thinking skills within your business and the path to excellence. Align behaviors from top to bottom. Keep expected behaviors simple. Integrate behaviors into every aspect of your business. Your behavior framework is equally important to your management system processes.

Never and Never Again gives you an effective way to focus everyone in the organization on the key behaviors for success.

People Advantage™ – Bringing Out the Best in People
Bringing out the best in people, not getting the most out of people, should be the focus. Passion drives excellence. When you do what you love, you get good at it. Everyone can be awesome in his or her own unique way. The challenge is that you may not know what it is and they may not know, either. The People Advantage is a comprehensive and structured way to recruit, retain, develop, and motivate people and bring out their best contributions.

In today’s world everyone is a knowledge worker and everyone wants to see a purpose beyond personal income. For the next generation of workers this is a high priority. Most companies are not yet effectively meet this need. The innovation and creativity of the majority of the workforce goes untapped and often discouraged. Our Purpose Driven work process can help you change that.

Getting to 90™ – Developing and Growing Competencies & Skills
People remember 90% of what they do or teach others and only remember 50% of what they see and hear. Computer-based learning and slide deck presentations are the norm for many companies to meet company and regulatory training requirements. They accomplish “training” but fall short in fostering critical thinking skills and the ability to learn and observe.

We use a powerful and surprisingly simple model that relies on the frontline to help ensure that knowledge is transferred and that the next generation learns from current workers.

The workforce of the future must be able to think critically through observation, analysis, and action. This goes well beyond “training” to follow procedures.

High Reliability Organizations – Management System Design, Development, and Deployment That Works
A high reliability organization is one that has a remarkably low number of mishaps over a sustained period of time. High-reliability requires multiple layers of defense with the most important being skilled people and aligned behaviors throughout the organization. Our proprietary cultural alignment and role mapping process will quickly help you transform your company into a high reliability organization.

Most management systems in use today have their origin in response to significant industrial incidents in the 1980s. They led to a positive increase in operational risk awareness and resulted in a reduction in the number and severity of operational incidents. After decades of their application, management systems are showing their age. We can show you new approaches better suited for future needs and business climate.

Leadership Excellence: From the Frontline to the Boardroom
As leaders progress through a career, they inevitably move from the role of manager of work to a leader of people. This is a significant shift and requires the development of key skills.

We work with boards, executives, managers, and frontline leaders. Each level has many similar needs carried out in very different settings. Our certified executive coaches can assist you on your leadership journey.

We help build alignment throughout a leadership hierarchy. The preponderance of daily business decisions are made at the frontline. We help you be appropriately focused on learning from, serving and unlocking the potential of the frontline.

Risk Awareness & Mitigation – System, Process & Personal Safety
Due to technology, markets, processes, organizations and other factors, companies are passing a complexity threshold. As complexity grows exponentially so does risk. Our team of risk management experts can help you envision and implement a new approach to risk management in your company.

Risk Awareness & Mitigation – Product Stewardship
A key interface with the public and individual consumers comes with your product in the marketplace. Your reputation in large part is impacted by how you understand and manage product risk.

How do you design products and processes with a system to identify health, safety and environmental impacts throughout the product lifecycle? How do you provide guidance on product and process risk to foster proper handling, use, recycling and disposal?

A strong product stewardship improvement mindset with measurable goals is essential. We can help assess, build, and implement a system effectively manage product risks.

Key Tools

  • Interviews
  • Investigative observations
  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Assessments
    • OCI (Organization Culture Index)
    • The SLOCITM
    • BirkmanTM
    • CultureActiveTM
    • Culture in the WorkplaceTM
  • Complexity Diagnostic
  • Getting to 90TM
  • Lean Operating Model Design
  • Complexity Mapping
  • Cultural Role Sheets


Energy and Industrials Team Members

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