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Government and Community Relations Benchmarking Study

There aren’t many valid data sources for national leaders in government and community relations to use and compare themselves to true peers. This frustrates the efforts of many healthcare leaders, forced to justify resources and how they’re used when comparing only to community hospitals or others who aren’t quite like you.  This unique government and community relations benchmarking program is the answer.

Cleveland Clinic and Endeavor (formerly Gelb Consulting) invite you to participate in this unique benchmarking opportunity. Your participation will empower you and others like you with meaningful, valid data to make better strategic and tactical decisions, develop a data-driven business case for increased resources, and demonstrate to your internal customers the effectiveness of your team’s efforts.

This year’s study will allow you to compare yourself to peers of your choice in the areas of government and community affairs budgets and resources allocation across staff and your outreach mix. All data is validated through email follow-up after the initial submission. In addition, all data is blinded to ensure confidentiality.

Study Areas

  • Key profile data to establish peer groups – institution size and areas supported by government and community relations
  • Competitive situations for each institution for comparison
  • Overall budgets and distribution of such between staff and outreach
  • Detailed breakdown of where resources are placed each year


Why You Should Participate

We understand benchmarking studies take time. Your participation ensures all national leaders in healthcare have what’s needed to remain good stewards of government and community relations resources. In this era of economic uncertainty, there are hard-fought battles for every dollar…this data will make it easier to show how your resources are either lagging peers, or being spend in similar ways.

Government and Community Relations Benchmarking Dashboard

This data will be collected and distributed through Gelb’s Marketing360 dashboard. This tool will allow you to download charts, filter data and even share access within your institution. As an option, we can also integrate additional performance data unique to your institution from digital outreach channels such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ad Campaigns, and LinkedIn.

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Ways to Engage

  • Contributor – Complete the survey and the validation interview (if needed) and receive dashboard blinded access to 5-10 peers – no cost
  • Sponsor – Join our sponsors!  Contributor benefits, plus receive blinded access to all data, a presentation of the results and integration of your key digital advertising metrics – $5,000

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