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Achieving Excellence
in the Era of Healthcare Consumerism

Achieving excellence in the era of healthcare consumerism has become a key driver to success as consumer expectations are extending from their everyday retail experiences into the complexities of healthcare.  This creates a new set of expectations, but also great opportunities to meet healthcare consumers where they are – understanding their needs, expectations, realizations…to drive passionate, loyal advocates of your healthcare organization.

Endeavor provides the expertise, framework, and tools to enable healthcare organizations to succeed by staying ahead of the healthcare consumerism curve.  We pioneered experience mapping in the early 90s and now move into a era where those tools are still relevant with new adaptations such as out of industry benchmarking and advanced data modeling.


Our Latest Healthcare Consumerism Insights

How Endeavor Helps You Stay Ahead
of the Healthcare Consumerism Curve


    Experience Excellence

    VOC and the experience provided represents one of the best opportunities to attract new patients and retain current patients. Today’s healthcare consumers are:

    • Less loyal to traditional brands
    • Trusting of online reviews
    • Quick to share their experiences with others
    • Inpatient with waiting and lack of care coordination
    • Looking for convenience and respect for their time
    • Expecting a personalized, empowering experience

    Read more about Endeavor’s approach to experience management.


    Marketing Strategy

    Successful healthcare marketing strategies evolve with the market and consumer demands, and this has never been truer than now as healthcare consumer expectations are rapidly changing.

    We help you bridge the gap between knowing that change is needed, and putting an evidence-based, effective strategy in place to get there.

    We also bring to the table best industry practices from working with many of the most recognized and well-regarded healthcare organizations in the country.

    Learn more about healthcare marketing strategy.   


    Operational Excellence

    The era of healthcare consumerism demands operational perfection – or at least close to it. From patients to physicians to regulators, everyone expects your hospital to run flawlessly every minute while maintaining quality, timely and personalized care.

    We recognize how daunting this challenge is, and have the tools and experience to help healthcare providers meet these demands. Through a systemic approach to operational excellence, we help you address your most pressing issues and address operational needs holistically

    Read more about becoming operationally excellent

Resources for Staying Ahead of the Curve
in the Era of Healthcare Consumerism

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