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Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Healthcare Growth PlayBook for Marketing Strategy

Healthcare marketing strategy requires a disciplined approach to understand market needs and develop clear and compelling outreach strategies. Whether it’s direct to consumer, physicians or even employers, Gelb has the experience to guide your efforts with well-executed marketing research and proven methods to organize strategic thinking. Our goal is to create a repeatable process your teams can embrace year over year.

Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Strategic marketing planning for healthcare organizations requires a careful view of the portfolio of clinical services lines and allocation of scarce marketing resources. Through our approach, we examine market potential and what matters most to generate additional clinical volumes.

Together, as we examine various potential strategic directions, you can make informed decisions about how to best allocate resources for the greatest returns and competitive advantage.

Our Approach

Growth PlayBook
Our Growth PlayBook is a structural document which outlines current environmental factors, customer needs and your position in the market.

We facilitate the process of synthesizing internal and external insights to outline a series of potential strategic directions.

From this, a single direction is chosen, and our experienced consultants lead your team through process to define metrics, key actions, required resources and scheduling.

Our team can further support your efforts by facilitating clinical, administrative and operational teams through exercises to further refine messages, channels and their involvement in such.

Finally, we measure results through the use of our advance dashboards which will monitor progress against marketing efforts and desired objectives.


  • Maximizes the value of limited marketing and other outreach resources
  • Increases revenue using a proven, disciplined process which examines concept development, aligns with your brand, and makes operations most efficient
  • Aligns teams toward achieving the same clearly defined objectives and actions
  • An information-based strategic marketing process that everyone in your organization can support
  • Interactive sessions that capture organizational knowledge and builds consensus
  • Allows for on-going tracking and adjustments to ensure strategic success

Team Members

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