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Experience Management

Creating Enchantment

Since the early 90s, we’ve been helping healthcare organizations understand consumers’ functional and emotional needs to design enchanting experiences.  While terms like human-centered design have since entered the industry conversation, our time-tested experience mapping approach continues to organize insights and transform organizations.  This framework and related tools have helped leading healthcare systems ensure patients, physicians and donors are advocates for their unique brands. We believe that active engagement of the front line is necessary for an effective transformation – ownership of the solution must be transferred from consulting partner to those who deliver the experience.  Our process is founded on the belief that insights developed should be used by your cross functional teams (guided by our best practices) to design a journey and actions around care, coordination and communication.


  • Rich insights using our Experience Mapping methodology which embraces human-centered design principles and tools
  • Seasoned healthcare executives and healthcare consultants leading your project
  • Access to best practices developed with leading healthcare institutions
  • A collaborative approach to ensure your cross functional teams design the right solution to increase ownership moving forward




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