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Leadership Effectiveness



Leadership Effectiveness Drives Organizational Success

An organization’s ability to achieve long-term business success is driven principally by the effectiveness of its leaders. Challenges such as marketplace disruptions, implementing new business strategies, integrating mergers/acquisitions, or building high performing organizations require leaders who are savvy in emotional and social intelligence as well as in business. We help organizations develop inspirational leaders who win the hearts and minds of its people – a necessary part of organizational excellence and winning in the marketplace.

Endeavor helps develop effective leaders through:

Executive Coaching – through a structured process, Endeavor’s coaches work with leaders to develop their organizational and individual capabilities in the context of the business transformations they wish to achieve. Endeavor coaches work with our clients to make sustainable differences in their lives and in their organizations.

Senior Advisory Services – provide support for individuals in developing their effectiveness in specific roles/processes. Whether the individual is a project manager in an oil & gas company’s capital program, a manufacturing plant manager or a chief marketing officer, Endeavor can provide advisors who know the environment as well as the role and can provide beneficial support to individuals who are feeling challenged or who just want to improve their effectiveness.


Endeavor Management’s coaching process:

The situations to use this approach include:

  • Responding to changing business climate
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Design/implement new business strategies
  • Addressing under-performing (or new) business units
  • Mitigating risks due to cross-culture operations
  • Organizational culture transformation
  • Developing interpersonal effectiveness
  • Investing in emerging leaders
  • Create high performing organizations
  • Reducing transition time in a new role
  • Cross-culture role transitions

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Stronger leadership brand
  • Improved business impact
  • Increased emotional and social intelligence
  • Increased effectiveness in cross-cultural organizations
  • Equipping leaders with critical change management competencies


Team Members

  • Program is usually parallel to, and in support of, other strategic projects Endeavor in which is consulting.
  • The client’s agenda is foremost.
  • As Endeavor is a trust-based firm, non-employees will be asked to sign a contractor agreement.
  • All Endeavor coaches are certified and experienced in the coaching profession.

Certified coaches are:

Sr. Advisory Team:


  • Birkman Assessment
  • Culture in the Workplace assessment
  • CultureActive assessment
  • Proprietary 360 Feedback Process


Team Members

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