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Operating Effectively


Improve your existing capabilities to improve the bottom line…

Getting more leverage out of existing capabilities is a common desire for managers in all industries.  It improves the bottom line, increases employee enthusiasm, and provides room for growth. Achieving operational excellence hinges on bringing together leadership, teamwork, and problem solving routinely to continuously improve. Each organization’s business objectives determine the focus areas for its quest towards excellence. The concept of organizational excellence is straight-forward and easily understood. The challenge ahead lies in selecting the areas to achieve excellence in and implementing the changes required to meet your objectives. Endeavor’s operational excellence frameworks offer clients leading practices in setting objectives, selecting improvement areas and moving forward with achieving a world-class competitive posture.

Business Process Design & Optimization

Building shareholder value requires a company optimally perform along multiple dimensions. Implementing improvements to achieve world-class performance may come in the form of: revenue growth, cost control, supply chain optimization, strategic materials sourcing, manufacturing, service operations, change management, lean six sigma, and/or business process redesign. In combination with a differentiated and well focused business strategy, performance improvement is fundamental to a company’s success.

Typically, we start by using diagnostic tools to identify the key levers for improving performance for our client’s individualization.  Developing key priorities to drive performance improvement, we define specific goals collaboratively with key client team members.  We then integrate client and Endeavor resources using the most precise add valuable tools, functional expertise, and change management techniques to deliver results.

Transition Methodology

We have helped many of our clients’ organizations successfully make this transition using the following roadmap:

  • Build Awareness and Educate on the Process Enterprise and needed level of process maturity
  • Conduct initial trials of Process Enterprise concepts and techniques in selected work processes
  • Integrate Process thinking into the day-to-day operations of the company
Program / Project Delivery

Program Management is the directing of a portfolio of projects that benefit from a consolidated approach and coordination of activities to achieve a set of business objectives. We work with our clients to manage projects that run simultaneously, share resources and are designated as growth opportunities for the company. Our change leaders assist clients in:

  • Clarifying program business goals and objectives
  • Managing projects and controlling changes to your program plan
  • Developing consolidated budgets and schedules
  • Evaluating and mitigating risks due to inter-project conflicts and problems such as resource demands
  • Developing a decision-making process and communication plan to keep all stakeholders informed
  • Evaluating the success of the program through appropriate measures of success
  • Managing project scope and controlling changes to your plan
Project Management Discipline

Project Management discipline is also critical to the successful implementation of a strategic business initiative. It focuses finite resources on the completion of unique assigned work. We use our proven methodologies and tools to initiate, plan, execute and close out successful projects. We assist our clients in:

  • Clarifying project goals
  • Managing project scope and controlling changes to your plan
  • Developing accurate and realistic budgets and schedules
  • Controlling project performance through measurement of deliverables
  • Quantifying and mitigating risk
  • Evaluation the success of the project at closeout

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