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Physician Pain Points Survey – Access

Physician Pain Points – Access – Press Release – GelbCapturing and studying referral volume is critical in determining how to best meet community physicians’ functional and emotional access needs. However; few organizations have determined how best to truly examine this data.

Gelb has teamed with ResearchNow SSI and GroupSolver to develop a comprehensive series of studies that record and analyze the distinctive insights of referring physicians. We invite you to participate in this unique research opportunity.

Access – your front door experience – is the study’s focus. This study provides a Voice of the Physician view of the issues and elicits potential solutions. Study findings will help drive hospital and healthcare system improvements in your referring physician experience and grow referral volumes.

This in-depth study includes 250 referring physicians; 150 primary and 100 specialists from around the US. Fielding was completed in early 2018 and results are now available.

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A fresh perspective and a new way to develop insights about physicians’ access to hospital-based care and specialists – this is what’s delivered in our Physician Pain Points Survey – Access. It has been shown that at least 50% of all clinical volumes are referred or influenced by community physicians. In collaboration with GroupSolver and Research NowGelb Consulting has fielded this study to start a national conversation for physician sentiment regarding access process

The co-sponsors share deeper insights into opportunities to strengthen referring physician relationships that can lead to increased referral volumes when action is taken. Our full report comes with a customized presentation for only $7,500.

Subject Matter Expert: Gelb Consulting

Sample Provider: ResearchNow SSI

Survey Technology: GroupSolver see demo video below:

Future studies in this series will focus on physician outreach, physician-focused digital interactions, and knowledge sharing. Your contribution will empower you and other healthcare leaders with fresh and substantive insights to inform strategic decision making.

Referring Physicians Survey Question Areas

This national survey supports academic medical centers and healthcare systems who desire to improve their referring physician access experiences. We address the following discussion areas:

• Access pain points
• Examples of best practices in facilitating access
• Examples of high performing organizations related to the topic of access
• Potential solutions to streamline access

Why You Should Sponsor

Your sponsorship provides cost-effective access to the Voice of Referring Physicians in a way you haven’t seen before. Unlike a simple summary report, sponsors will receive access to all study data, with the ability to filter in an easy-to-navigate digital dashboard. In addition, sponsors may invite their affiliated and referring physicians to participate in this survey at no additional charge. Sponsorship is only $7,500 for this study.


Referring Physician Dashboard – Physician360

Study data can be integrated with Gelb’s Physician360 dashboard. This tool will allow you to download charts and raw data, utilize filtering, and share information within your institution…in one convenient and secure online location.

Research Technology - GroupSolver

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