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Physician Pain Points
Physician-Hospital Relations

Ever wonder how local physicians feel about their relations with local hospitals? This unique approach partners with local community organizations such as medical societies to create rich insights about physician-hospital relations.

This platform is part of our Physician Pain Points survey series. In this study, we provide a system for medical societies and other community partners to gather and share insights regarding physician satisfaction with local hospitals.

If you are a local medical society looking for a cost-effective way to create value for your members and start meaningful conversations with local hospitals, please contact us!

Key question areas our platform answers:

  • What are physicians’ current satisfaction levels with local hospitals?
  • How likely are physicians to recommend a particular hospital? (Net Promoter Scores)
  • How do local hospitals compare in their performance?
  • What is the equity of each healthcare system brand?
  • How satisfied are physicians with specific aspects of their experience?
    • Quality of Medical Care
    • Hospital Policy and Administration
    • Medical Staff Issues
    • Electronic Medical Records
  • What are the key drivers of overall satisfaction?
    • Participant profiles
    • Specialty
    • Employment Status (hospital or individual)
    • Length of time in market
    • Number of years practicing medicine

Sponsors will promote the survey to physicians and contribute insights and feedback. In addition, sponsors receive access to all study data with the ability to filter in an easy-to-navigate digital dashboard: Physician360.

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