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Assess Your Physician Relations
Organizational Maturity
with SMART

Organizational maturity is a common buzzword yet in healthcare can be difficult to assess and improve. There are few valid data sources for national healthcare leaders to use and compare themselves to true peers. There are also few models of maturity assessment that provide a healthcare-relevant continuum for improvement. Nevertheless, assessing a healthcare organizations’ current state versus best practices is a necessary foundational step for understanding where the organization is at and developing a plan for the future. It is frequently a critical component of refreshing strategic marketing plans and determining how to best allocate marketing efforts.   Endeavor Management’s (formerly Gelb) Sales and Marketing Assessment and Readiness Tool (SMART) for referring physicians is designed to meet the need of evaluating performance against best practices and is specifically tailored for physician relations. The findings from this tool identify strengths and weaknesses and prioritize areas for action. The purpose of SMART or any assessment tool is not to identify specific departments or teams as “good” or “bad” but rather to facilitate an honest conversation about capabilities and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Overview

    Endeavor Management (formerly Gelb Consulting) is providing this physician relations benchmarking survey to support the efforts of healthcare leaders as you build your case for change and continuous improvement.

    This brief online questionnaire can be used by leaders alone or to allow your physician outreach and marketing teams to participate to show areas of alignment.

    Learn more about this study and subscription by clicking on our fact sheet.


Start Physician Relations Benchmarking Survey Now

  • Key Topics Covered

    • Senior Leadership: Includes organizational goals and growth opportunities, value of customers, and climate for innovation and change.  
    • Business Strategy: Includes strategic planning, operational, financial and service line goals, and capacity for growth. 
    • Physician Marketing: Includes marketing goals and role, tactics, and evaluation of marketing efforts 
    • Physician Outreach: Includes role of and participants in outreach, tactics and activities, ability to determine outreach needs, and Physician CRM systems 
    • Service Delivery: Includes standards of care, access, and satisfaction 
  • Standard Benchmarking

    Standard benchmarking is complimentary.   Here are the easy steps:

    • Submit your responses
    • The survey only takes 5-10 minutes and does not require gathering of additional information
    • Receive your responses compared to our best practice benchmarks at no cost.
    • You receive a PDF report showing where you stand relative to these benchmarks.
    • To increase transparency, the benchmarks are included in the questionnaire, so we hope to transfer knowledge just by taking the survey
  • Subscription

    Annual subscriptions are only $7,500 and include everything in the standard benchmarking plus:

    • Receive a customized report, specific to your organization and benchmarks of your choosing
    • Compare your scores to peers in our database
    • Contrast scores among members of your team
    • Participate in an individualized remote presentation of your results

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