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Endeavor Management Levels Up Through Acquisition of RTRN Strategy

New joint marketing company merges science and creative marketing to drive quantifiable results

HOUSTON, Texas, March 1, 2021 – Endeavor Management announced today the completion of their acquisition of RTRN Strategy, a creative marketing agency based in California. Houston-based Endeavor Management is a global, transformational consulting firm working with organizations in complex industries who acquired RTRN Strategy to help deliver creative marketing and campaign execution.

With the acquisition of RTRN Strategy, Endeavor incorporates the innovative talent of a West coast firm into traditional consulting engagements.  RTRN Strategy is unique in its ability to deliver Marketing as a Service (Maas), supporting internal marketing teams as needed with services from full-scale marketing campaigns to small projects and standalone elements. This combination of offering creative and compelling advertising and marketing campaigns based on true science and analytics will help marketing departments and their CMOs show legitimate return on investment.

RTRN Strategy, based in Los Angeles, California brings a team of 15 with vast experience in creating and executing innovative and beautifully designed marketing campaigns in a variety of industries including gaming, automotive, CPG and technology. The founders of the company have 25 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands in the industry from multinational consumer and video gaming companies to major furniture manufacturers, global toy manufacturers and top automotive customers to name a few. They also were instrumental in bringing well-known products to market such as the world’s most popular battle royals video game and a popular SUV for a major luxury car brand.

“When Endeavor approached us about the acquisition, we knew this was a big opportunity. While we have been an integral part in helping some of the biggest names in the industry attain over 60 billion dollars in product sales, the part we were missing was the science behind what makes a good marketing campaign and that is what Endeavor brings to the table,” said Ryan Nash, President, RTRN Strategy. “With access to Endeavor’s 250 advisors and consultants, we now have access to the science – research, data, and insights to inform our strategies and help marketing teams achieve true return on investment for their campaigns. These components will serve as the foundation for our creative and design tactics.”

Since 1965, Endeavor Management and its acquired firms have been working with clients in all industries from healthcare to oil & gas to offer a unique combination of industry expertise and insights.  Understanding the science around an industry and their target audiences prior to jumping into a marketing campaign has driven Endeavor to create a platform that provides clients with clarity on what information matters most and how to make an impact based on those learnings. Starting with the business objective in mind, Endeavor works with customers to guide activities from data gathering, analysis and workflow automation to achieve real business results.

“We blended these companies to marry the strengths of two companies who believe in the science behind marketing solutions, moving beyond a gut feeling into something that can be measured,” said John McKeever, executive vice president, Endeavor Management. “This marriage of science and creative marketing is crucial in today’s digital world. Finding the balance between these two disciplines is the secret sauce RTRN uses to develop real, practical solutions that result in the highest return. Marketers must start with knowledge of their audience to be able to create campaigns that can truly be measured. That is what this acquisition brings to the table.”

Endeavor believes the experience RTRN Strategy brings from its video gaming background will be advantageous to clients in all industries.  Video gaming companies provide an example to all in building loyal, widely distributed communities.

“We are looking forward to this acquisition and where this partnership will take us,” adds Nash. “We like to be at the edge. In fact, we live at the edge which is where you have to be in today’s market if you want to get noticed. You have to plant the flag and we are planting our flag where science and marketing merge because that is where true, measurable campaigns thrive.”


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