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EPCI Strategic Partnerships

Case for Action

Due to the diminished demand for products and services in the slowing market cycle of 2019, the client, an emerging integrated solutions provider for the Energy sector, put a high priority on forming partnerships with established EPCI companies. The client’s executive organization viewed cooperative strategies as powerful mechanisms for improving corporate bottom lines through aligned strategies which would provide mutual benefit.

As a first step in the process, the client engaged Endeavor Management to assess the potential advantages and disadvantages of entering into a partnership with one or more of the established EPCI companies in the industry.

It was crucial to the client not to make publicly known that there was an interest in a partnership, thus Endeavor utilized their internal resources who possessed firsthand knowledge of the EPCI market to research the opportunity while maintaining confidentiality.

Endeavor Management Solution

Endeavor Management identified the top partnership targets based on a detailed categorization of each EPCIs resources including assets, past/current/anticipated projects, company performance, and cooperative culture as well as market trends which factored into their decision processes.

We conducted multiple interviews with representatives within those targeted organizations in order to establish an accurate assessment of current strategies and internal activities.

Endeavor then performed a comprehensive assessment of the client’s diverse product and service offerings in order to determine alignment with respect to the various needs of those EPCIs.

Through this process we identified how the client could offer a partner more reliable pricing and schedule certainty to directly improve competitiveness.  Endeavor also provided insights on those products, services, and specific capabilities which may be in higher demand given the trends in the market as identified through our analysis.

A final set of Recommendations and Opportunities was provided to the client with short/mid/long-term actions for prioritization and implementation. Through Endeavor’s extensive knowledge of the client’s customer base we highlighted effective messaging to employ; which markets, clients and capabilities to focus on; contracting strategies; and which alliances may provide the greatest value.

Customer Feedback

The client’s North American Manager was complimentary of the report and stated he agreed with the recommendations.

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