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Excipio Energy and Endeavor Management announce Master Services Agreement

The world is changing, and the offshore industry must change with it. While we will still need oil and gas production for decades to come, there is a clear mandate to transition to more sustainable forms of energy. While some see this as an end to the traditional offshore development industry the truth is it will expand requiring more investment, planning, and industrial equipment than oil and gas alone ever did. Whereas offshore oil and gas were limited to those locations blessed with fossil resources but still carried exploration risk, offshore renewable energy resources are far more widespread and can be quantified before investing, with the main risk related to selecting the right technology and execution plan for the area. Navigating the maze of new technologies and understanding how to leverage old technologies will be a challenge, but there is help available.

Two leaders in the offshore energy world, Excipio Energy and Endeavor Management are excited to announce the signing of a Master Services Agreement. The intent is to expand both companies Consulting capabilities. Endeavor brings a wealth of experience in offshore engineering, capital project management, operations, and strategy which when combined with Excipio’s extensive knowledge of the offshore renewable energy and blue economy industries will create a powerful energy transition center of excellence. In addition to advising on traditional offshore oil and gas projects, together the companies will be able to offer a complete family of energy transition services including:

• Site evaluation and technology selection
• Evaluation of new technologies
• Investment Decision Reviews
• Offshore Oil and Gas Repurposing Studies & Alternatives to Decommissioning
• Field Development Planning
• Renewable Energy Permitting Support
• Market analysis
• Energy Transition Strategy and ESG planning
• Construction and Operations Plan (COP) Preparation and support

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