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6 Keys For Stand-Up/ Re-Positioning a Shared Service

Are you struggling with your organizational identity?  Either starting or trying to refresh who you are and your organizational value?  Here are 6 Keys For Stand-Up/ Re-Positioning a Shared Service.  Using this process, you can stand up any shared service from marketing to quality and safety to call centers or inside sales.


6 keys for Stand-Up/Re-Positioning a Shared Service

Develop the Vision and Purpose

  • Envision and Establish the Why
  • Develop a Charter
  • Detail the Purpose & Goals through:
  • Organizational Value Proposition
  • Business Case
  • Scope of Services

Plan how Goals will be Met

  • Outline the strategy and technology that will be used to meet the goals
  • Identify key competencies and tools
  • Lay out key work processes required
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Identify the number of people-sized bundles required (jobs)
  • Use Project Portfolio Management

Design the Organizational Structure

  • Create jobs based on logic (departments)
  • Link bundles of work (hierarchy, teams)
  • Key activities: Create roles/responsibilities, measures, compensation payoffs (performance mgmt), employee value proposition and career path, RACI charts

Organizational Change Management – Launch

  • Obtain senior support
  • Plan robust training and mentoring
  • Tools include:
  • Internal Engagement Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Team building

Start-Up Phase

  • Staff the organization, build contracts, and begin operations
  • Assign project pathfinders (finding projects)
  • Monitor feedback
  • Revise organization based on natural pathways that energy (re-alignment)

Sustain Operations

  • Review and improve competencies
  • Manage budgets and resources
  • Communicate and ask for feedback
  • On-board new hires to align with culture

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