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Agile Action Workshops for Healthcare

Endeavor’s Agile Action Workshops for learning and joint problem-solving get you results in 2-3 hours. Our sessions combine fresh healthcare industry insights and proven frameworks to tackle your challenges. Participants will walk away feeling energized.

Benefits of Agile Action Workshops:

  • Only 2-3 hours
  • Develop skills and learn best practices in real-time
  • Collaborate cross-functionally to break down silos
  • Gain buy-in from those at all levels
  • Walk away with concrete action plans
  • Avoid “not invented here” syndrome

How do we facilitate Agile Action Workshops?

  • Use of proven processes
  • Our facilitators are also subject matter experts
  • Advanced prep to ensure insights are shared
  • Breakout groups
  • Flexible, interactive process
  • We maximize your existing insights

Topics We’ve Tackled with Agile Action Workshops:

Begin with the End in Mind

Get teams aligned quickly begin on what KPIs matter most using our jump-start library of comprehensive leading and lagging indicators.

We Know Who We Are

Align the brand’s promise with key differentiated messages in a message map.  Capture team pride with their reasons to believe.

We Know What To Say

Providing information, service recovery,  and even persuasion take place on the front line – we detail the conversation map.

We Will Make it Right

Reviewing key pain points, establishing new “listening posts” and creating visibility with real-time feedback and service recovery.

We Are The Champions

Establishing the cues of humility in messaging and behaviors while still leveraging your status as market leaders.

We Will Always…

Using cross functional teams to create the series of excepted behaviors that deliver the ideal experiential outcomes.

What’s Broken, Fix

Identifying the broken processes to build a prioritized list of actions based on ease and impact.

This is Who We Serve

Using our experience mapping and other VOC inputs, co-create rich personas to put the “customer in the room” during decision making.

The Perfect Match

Enabling patients to find the right physician match through rich information that aligns functional and emotional needs.

Never Lost

Incorporating a multi-touchpoint approach to rethink wayfinding and develop solutions for better navigation WITHOUT signage.

When You Need Us

Improving scheduling availability through streamlined templates and triage by type of need.

Psychology of Wait

Mitigating the negative emotional impact of wait times by utilizing wait times and reducing unexplained waiting.

Always Prepared

Improving pre-arrival information to set expectations, ensure patients come prepared, and create a stress-free arrival experience.

Always Connecting

Making the visit personal, to enhance satisfaction, trust and patient engagement.

It’s a Team Thing

Promoting a cohesive team approach and behaviors that communicate to patients your seamless team coordination (e.g., APP vs PCP).

Always Here

Making consistent after-visit next steps to ensure patients remain connected, understand their next steps, and have a point of contact.

Physician Brand Building

Our framework helps physicians use their own resources (not marketing) to build stronger personal brands.

Bring Out Their Best

Using impact and influence using proven executive coaching disciplines with your teams.

Power Dynamics

Regardless of your position, how to get and maintain your seat at the table when decisions are made.


Content, exercises and tools to empower introverts as they professionally network.

Get a Grip

Review and participate in exercises to unlock key secrets to time management.

On the Level

Creating service level agreements across departments – from marketing to clinical operations to ancillary services.


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