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Be the HR Leader your CEO Wants

CHRO Slides – Webinar 8-10-21“Becoming the Chief Human Resources Officer your CEO wants you to be……what do I do?”  Endeavor’s latest webinar shares both our experiences in coaching successful  CHROs and in interviewing and coaching hundreds of CEOs who want more from their CHROs.  In this webinar, we discuss not only what the CEO wants to see from their CHROs, but what steps human resources leaders need to take to become that strategic and highly valued CHRO that most CEOs say they want.”

Join us to discover what CEO’s are saying and how you can change the narrative by:

  • being strategic versus compliant
  • earning trust with CEO and peers
  • “owning” the People side of the business
  • developing leaders
  • driving performance management

to cultivate the culture that delivers the business plan and engages the employees.

View/download the slides below:

CHRO Slides – Webinar 8-10-21

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