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Choosing the Right Partner: For Physician Relations Advisors

Physician Relations leaders are encumbered by a variety of requests and expectations, many of which are out of scope or not feasible with internal resources. Thus, they frequently find themselves seeking the advisory services of partners and consultants for project-based resources.

Common reasons that physician relations teams work with partners and consultants include:

  • Assessing and taking action to improve the referrer experience
  • Developing or enhancing the physician liaison/outreach strategy
  • Stimulating process and operations improvements to grow referral volumes

Engaging with an external advisory service or consulting firm is an important decision that represents a significant investment of organizational resources – including both staff time and budget funds. The ability to properly identify, review, select and contract with the right vendor is essential to ensuring a successful effort.

This white paper will explore how to get started in finding the right partner, and highlight the key steps and criteria for optimizing the selection process.

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