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Do You Manage Technology and Innovation Projects?

Most companies engaged in design and construction projects utilize a more or less conventional project management methodology of some sort. On the other hand, companies contemplating the development of new technology take a more ad hoc, seat of the pants approach to achieving their goals. Technology development can address a variety of objective, including

  • New IT systems
  • New manufacturing technologies
  • New analytical methodologies
  • New safety systems . . .
  • Operations innovations – new security protocols, new work processes, new quality assurance procedures . . .
  • Organizational innovations – new organizational designs, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures . . .
  • Et al . . .

In today’s world, where making sure every dollar counts, and where technology development may cost as much or more than the physical assets needed to implement it, it may be a useful exercise to compare management methods for technology development projects with “construction projects”. (And keep in mind that the same thought process adds value when contemplating other types of innovation – in operations, in organization, in performance management, etc.)


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