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Joint Industry Project Advancing Subsea Decommissioning

Subsea decommissioning has become a major issue for the offshore Oil and Gas industry.  Endeavor Management has led the charge to complete a joint industry project (JIP) related to products and services in subsea decommissioning.  The JIP was funded by 8 Operators, including 4 majors, and 5 oilfield service companies.  In this article, we highlight some of the major findings from this Subsea Decom JIP, which was completed a few months ago.

Since the JIP was published, the issues receiving the most interest are:

  • Resins vs. Cement for Zonal Isolation and Effective Long-Term Barriers
  • Evaluating Outer Annulus Cement Bond Logs from the Wellbore
  • Evaluating Outer Annuli Without Perforating Casing
  • In Situ [leave in place] Abandonment vs. Hardware Recovery in Deep Waters (> 3000 ft.)

To view a copy of this article, please visit Offshore Magazine’s website

For more information about this subsea decommissioning JIP or to learn more about a second Subsea Decom JIP – which will offer exciting information on such issues as reducing federal regulatory financial liability, new methods of decision-making relative to environmental issues, and continuing progress on the use of resins – to be offered in early 2017, please contact Keith Caulfield at kcaulfield@endeavormgmt.com.

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