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Taking a Marketing Lens to Address Patient Access

Preventative care can prevent or reduce more serious health problems for patients, and lower healthcare expenses for patients, hospitals and health insurance companies. A key to ensuring that people receive the proper ounce of prevention is their ability to access this care.

By taking a marketing lens to patient access strategies planners, operations executives and marketers, can gain clarity around market needs and drivers of utilization. Our latest white paper provides a step-wise approach to access strategy development.

We explore ways to understand the common constraints for health populations using a marketing research based approach to design market segments.

Read our latest white paper here to learn about:

  • An analytical model that incorporates needs and interventions
  • A research approach to engage multiple audiences
  • Integrating publicly available data sources and population health models
  • Taking action to enhance your patient access strategy

Gelb Consulting Group’s extensive experience in the healthcare industry has produced many insights about how to understand and improve patient access as highlighted in this white paper.

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