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Transformational Change Leadership Course

Ensure your success by arming your leaders with proven fundamentals for transformational change leadership.  In a series of workshops, we review the process, core concepts and applications of transformational change leadership.  Using our 4e methodology, our workshop leads will walk participants through the essentials of Envision, Engage, Energize and Enable across and to the depth of any size organization.

Learn how to:


  • Define the scope of the
    transformation and
    implementation strategy
  • Build a measurable business case
  • Create a blueprint for the future
  • Establish the governance structure
    to address conflicts between
    operational and transformational
  • Develop a risk management
    strategy: business, organizational,


  • Organize the transformational
    leadership team
  • Evaluate the cultural enablers /
    inhibitors to the change
  • Identify the stakeholders and
    competing initiatives
  • Conduct a change impact
  • Determine how to manage the
    state of change readiness


  • Build and execute the
    communications strategy:
    internal and external
  • Design the new operational
    capabilities (work flow,
    resources, and technology)
  • Develop the target operating
    model implementation plan
  • Realign work and resources to
    pre-position organizational
    responsibilities for new operating


  • Execute the implementation plan
  • Conduct management walkthroughs
  • Build a sustainability plan
  • Implement a transformation360
  • Update operational and
    organizational systems (policies,
    procedures, performance mgmt.,
    etc.) to match the changes as they
    are deployed

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