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Create Winning Strategies

Retail & Consumer Products

Are you looking to become the next household name in your area?  Or trying to sustain your competitive advantage?  Endeavor Management can help you create winning strategies to position your product brands, create customer enchantment and anticipate the new big trend.

Our consultants have decades of experience in your industry and have worked with organizations like yours to define and achieve your strategic goals.  Our team includes those who have worked for and with major CPG brands and other retail/consumer companies to achieve real business results.

We focus first on the customer experience using our advanced techniques to discover the functional and emotional needs of your target audiences at each stage of their journey with your brands.  We use advanced research techniques to identify the decision factors and trade-offs consumers make when choosing the status quo, competitors and something you’ve just created.  Our Growth PlayBook documents the business case for pursuit of an existing or new segment.  In addition, we can support your efforts to operationalize delivery.

Endeavor Management’s capabilities include:

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