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Return to Work Panel

About This Panel Discussion

Return to work for healthcare has taken on an entirely new meaning in the COVID-19 environment.  There are fresh issues with grief, purpose, and energy levels.

So while we often talk about the consumer experience, we know that we can’t serve our patients without considering the employees; particularly given the COVID-19 environment.

To support leaders in healthcare, The Endeavor Institute has assmebled this panel of culture and organizational design experts to discuss what they’ve seen in healthcare and other industries.  We hope to impart a framework for action and guidance as your teams return to work.

Why You Should Participate

Trust in business and organizations is at an all-time low, suffering dramatically from the Covid-19 crisis. Just when employees, and their trust, are critically needed, businesses have a grand challenge ahead of them.  Words and encouraging videos won’t cut it.

Learn what is required to move the needle on your team’s trust barometer to successfully reengage.

Discussion Topics

  • Recognizing different emotional states
  • Identifying the level and areas of fatigue
  • Leveraging the elements of trust – personal / organizational / strategic
  • Upgrading your leadership model
  • Re-engaging the forgotten / the fatigued

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