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Digital Insights & Dashboards


Capture Voice of the (Fill in the Blank).

Leveraging our history of over 60 years in marketing research, we have created technology-enabled tools to help capture voice of the market, customer and employee.

Our Insights | 360 solution will allow you to place listening posts at high priority touchpoints providing you with a 360 degree view of your key stakeholders and influencers. Built on the Salesforce.com platform, you can integrate real-time feedback with operational data for reporting insight within the context of the business environment.

In addition, you can incorporate CRM to monitor, track and respond to positive and negative feedback all within the same system. Finally, a single platform for capturing feedback, tracking customer service trends, responding/service recovery and measuring your relationship with your customers.

Customer360 Walk-Through

Manage the Experience. Exceed Expectations.

Competing in today’s customer-focused environment requires a robust Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) that is designed to fit seamlessly within your business processes. For that reason, we have taken our industry expertise and developed specific solutions built on the Salesforce.com platform.

We are leaders in designing and implementing strategies for managing the customer experience. Now, let us show you our technology-enabled solutions to help you execute customer acquisition and retention strategies and demonstrate business impact.

Our tools help you listen closer to capture the voice of the customer across multiple channels We integrate data in a single platform making analysis fast and customer insights more accessible Provide a means to share insights, anticipate trends and collaborate better Improve touchpoint performance and deliver messages that resonate Engage customers differently to create advocacy and for service recovery Track your performance, demonstrate the impact of your effort and benchmark progress toward goals

Measure the Impact

Measure the Impact & Bring Your Data to Life.


Armed with customer experience insights, Gelb leads CRM design teams to develop systems that meet workflow and business reporting needs; all aimed to enhance the customer experience. This includes a careful examination of end-user needs, identification of operationally critical information, workflow enhancements and data schema. Our requirements documentation can be used for your own programming, with other vendors, or for quality control and training.

Take Big Data to Big Impact. Our Insights|360 solution will take your program to the next level. Going beyond data integration, we work with you to establish a solid measurement program that is in alignment with your business goals and strategy.

We help you identify what data matters most, streamline the process of data integration, then create visually rich dashboards and data visualizations to help you socialize and share insights with your stakeholders.

Healthcare Solutions

Physician Relationship Management

Through our marketing research work, we have spoken to thousands of referring physicians.

We deeply understand the subtle nuances in managing the delicate relationships of these key influencers.

Our Salesforce.com solution helps organizations to develop strategies to attract and acquire new relationships, tools to better engage physicians and grow customer lifetime value.

All of our 360 solutions are rooted in measurement and analytics- giving you the power to explore, share and demonstrate the brand and business impact of your efforts.

Take a tour of our Physician360 solution designed specifically for managing relationships with referring physicians.

Patient Experience Management

The ability to track a prospect from awareness to first appointment helps organizations to better understand the path to care and to improve the patient experience at this crucial part of their journey. While EHR systems have made huge strides in managing the patient experience, providing patients with access to physicians, records and appointment details, prospective patients are often left behind.

Functions like Marketing and Ambulatory Care need a CRM that is capable of capturing information about prospective patients across all touchpoints and providing a means for lead nurturing and service recovery.

We have applied our expertise in managing the patient experience to design our Patient360 solution built on Salesforce.com to do just that.

Hello, Big Data!

There is no shortage of data in the world of marketing. Integrating data from internal systems, social media, email marketing, outreach activities- all help demonstrate Marketing’s impact on patient acquisition and other important measures like the brand equity, advocacy and engagement. Often, the biggest challenge is knowing what data to integrate and how to standardize that data.

Gelb Consulting has been helping organizations measure marketing impact for over 50 years. We have built our Marketing 360 application to take the hard work out of measurement and insight development for marketing.

See our latest demo to learn how we integrate data from multiple stories and organize key metrics to tell a meaningful story.

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