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Endeavor Management (formerly our Gelb Consulting business unit) provides a full suite of advanced marketing research services which serve as the foundation for our strategic recommendations. As trailblazers in the market research community, we have the experience to identify the best techniques available and the expertise to put them to use. Each of our methods incorporate a step for discovery, utilizing well executed techniques to inform strategy design. Our team includes skilled interviewers, expert moderators, statisticians, data modelers and excellent project managers.  The following provides an overview of our market research toolkit:

Data Gathering Techniques:

To know your market you must have data.  We use a variety of quantitative techniques to obtain customer feedback on the client’s products and processes.  These include Experience Mapping, Customer Needs Assessments, Customer Value Analysis, and Customer Advisory Board.  We have another set of tools that address market preferences, including Concept Testing and Website User Testing.  And we have some tools to address marketing communications effectiveness, including Advertising and Copy Testing and Awareness, Attitude and Usage Studies.

Data Analysis Techniques

Raw data is of little use, so we use a variety of techniques to derive meaning and insight from the numbers.  Principle among these techniques are Conjoint Analysis, Maximum Difference Scaling and Decision Factors Analysis.

Knowledge to Action Techniques

And, of course, the whole reason for doing market research is to identify worthwhile ways of improving your position in the marketplace.  The techniques we use here include Experience Design Workshops, Market Segmentation Exercises, Message Mapping and our Brand Trust Model.  

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