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Strategic Decision Analysis

Are you starting a major project, initiative or decision?  

How do you ensure success and where do you start?

Strategic decision analysis is used whether you’re taking your company in a new strategic direction, developing a new product or service, making a major investment, or planning a project to solve an important business problem.

There are certain questions that should be answered to set the stage for success…

  • Are we addressing the right problem at the right level and with the right scope?
  • Are our internal stakeholders aligned around the problem? Common problem understanding, objectives, benefits?  Have we heard any differences among stakeholders?
  • Have we considered truly creative and appropriate alternatives to develop a course of action?
  • Have we developed a thorough understanding of the implications of our decisions?
  • Are we aligned around our proposed course of action and on how it creates value?

The answers to these questions simply won’t fit in a form-field textbox. Instead, they require clear and creative thinking, multi-disciplinary input, and rigorous opportunity cost and tradeoff analysis. Endeavor offers a structured approach for supporting and coaching your decision team through these deceptively simple, yet complex, questions. How does Endeavor do it?


We help you clarify the statement of the problem and its scope, including goals and objectives, how they relate to each other to create a network of supporting objectives, how key stakeholders’ concerns relate to the concerns of other stakeholders, and which goals and objectives are the key ones to target with your solution. After problem framing, you will know exactly why you need to address your opportunity and how best to measure progress toward success.


Creative Strategic Solutions

We help you identify multiple creative decision strategies to achieve your planning objectives. With these competing solution pathways, you actually tame the complexity of facing multiple independent project decisions (and their associated pros and cons) by integrating the decision alternatives into coherent themes that satisfy your stakeholders’ concerns. Instead of having worst case, most likely, and best-case scenarios, you will have a set of truly creative replies to the question: “how should we possibly best execute this project?”

Advanced Modeling and Simulation

Once we help you develop several candidate solutions to your problem, we guide you through the development of an appropriate analysis to thoroughly understand the opportunity costs and tradeoffs among the solutions. When this process is complete, you will know how best to execute your project, the range of value and risk you face, and how to improve the likelihood of your success.


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