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Strategic Planning

Setting the Course

Strategic planning represents a deep, holistic look at our client’s ambitions. We work closely with executive teams to challenge existing assumptions, define corporate objectives and build an actionable plan. Our method includes an action planning process inclusive of the client’s best thinkers designed to achieve new levels of performance. It helps companies decide where to focus, where to compete and how to allocate resources. Strategic planning serves as the foundation for achieving growth goals and a strong portfolio strategy to improve, change and grow.

Agility in today’s demanding marketplace is important. We assist clients in developing a strategic planning process that incorporates a long-term perspective, while focusing on today’s pressing issues.

Throughout the process, we strive to uncover our client’s opportunities to build value within the company. By focusing on key competencies, capabilities and existing capacity we identify gaps and marketplace opportunities while establishing tactical goals and benefit tracking tools that lead to results. The model below highlights our high-level approach to Strategic Planning.

Some of our core competencies in this area:

Decision Analysis

The practice of properly framing decisions, identifying areas of risk, and making decisions to maximize probabilistic success.

Strategic BluePrint

This document is created to provide a foundation for strategy fulfillment that is updated periodically to reflect accomplishments, changing conditions and lessons learned.  It’s contents include leadership introduction, strategic drivers for the decisions made, the new direction, and a five-year transformation plan.  In addition, Endeavor’s Strategic BluePrint outlines program governance, strategic projects, success tracking and measurement, and related competence program rollout and summary.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Sustaining momentum during strategy execution is key.  With our capabilities in executive development and coaching, Endeavor serves organizations to create strategic leaders who effectively guide and influence their organizations to achieve world class results.

Word of Mouth Advocacy

Word of Mouth (WOM) advocacy is the most effective and least expensive form of marketing. Our model assesses WOM influence across a number of channels, touchpoints, media and vehicles. Through this process of measuring and strategically managing WOM, we work with your team to identify opportunities to influence WOM before, during and after a conversation and making the best use of it for organizational change and initiatives.

Innovative Ideation

Logic is the bedrock of traditional leadership.  It is a system of reasoning that leaves emotion and ambiguity at the door.  In today’s increasingly competitive global economy, however, more than logic is needed to move beyond minor improvements to achieve transformational change.  We must disrupt complacency; non-traditional methods can lead to superior solutions, such as our “Beyond the Box” methods.


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