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Strategy Alignment & Implementation



New Strategies Require both Alignment and Implementation

When new leadership or market conditions require a new strategy to succeed, or grow the organization or meet some competitive or technical/operational challenge, strategy alignment and implementation are required.  Developing and implementing operational, cultural or marketplace strategy for any organization or team is at the core of leadership success.

Any new strategy must include both marketplace competitiveness and organizational transformation in order to be implemented successfully. Our approach includes the development of realistic yet innovative strategic action items, while identifying the plan and vision that the organization must be aligned to. The primary benefit of our process is to have the creation of the strategy, the alignment of the organization to that strategy and the key action goals identified, all within the same process such that the organization is in effect, implementing the culture that the strategy requires, as they are creating the strategy.


The situations to use our approach include:

  • Creating and implementing new strategic plans
  • Implementing strategic or operational transformation
  • Focusing groups on what needs to be done to create or implement a new strategy
  • Gaining alignment or new energy on existing strategy

The benefits of our approach include:

  • Solving group or organizational dysfunction
  • Creating an intense focus on what can and should be done to achieve success
  • Creating alignment for strategy
  • Defining a new strategy that is achievable and fully implementable



  • Vision-focused planning tools
  • Scorecards
  • Dashboards
  • Strategic communication planning processes

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