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Awareness, Attitude and Usage
AAU Studies

Assess your return on marketing communications

Ever heard the old saying, “Half of all advertising is wasted — the question is which half?”

Do your advertising messages resonate with your target audiences? Awareness/Attitude/Usage (AAU studies) are infinitely less expensive than misdirected advertising. This type of research is usually less than 5% of the total advertising budget, according to the American Marketing Association. With companies spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe millions) on advertising, a small percentage dedicated to measuring success should be part of every marketing plan.

Key marketing communications metrics include:

  • Awareness: Are customers and prospects familiar with your company, brand and products?
  • Attitude: Do target audiences have the desired beliefs about the organization?
  • Usage: Is your company in the considered set? Do consumers prefer to purchase products and services from you? Do they have actual experience with you?

By conducting an AAU study, the sales-effects of your advertising expenditures can be assessed. It will help you measure the success of your strategic marketing plan.

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