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Ad and Copy Testing

Write with purpose

Effective advertising starts with appeal. With our testing techniques, we assess advertising resonance and key messages to identify appealing elements and opportunities for refinement.

This research can be conducted in person via focus groups or using a web-enabled telephone interview to show the concepts via a secured website.

The types of activities and questions used during ad/copy testing include:

  • Message: What are the key messages communicated by the advertisement?
  • Emotion: What are the emotions that the advertising evokes? Why?
  • Performance: How well does this concept perform against objectives in the creative brief?
  • Overall Appeal: What aspects of the ad are appealing (both graphically and textually)?

Ad and copy testing allows advertising agencies and marketers to understand the range of potential responses to creative output.

The report, Advertising Testing Techniques, examines some of the common methods used in pretesting marketing research.  In it we evaluate different types of commonly used advertising techniques and suggest some more sophisticated, but effective, methods used by best practice marketing organizations.

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