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Brand Architecture

Aligning Brand Growth

As organizations grow, branding gets complicate. New service lines, products, affiliations and locations can create a mess without a clear strategy. It is easy to fall into a trap of spreading a brand too thin or having too many brands that confuse customers. For this reason, it becomes necessary to have a strategy for how multiple brands – whether products, services or internal departments – relate to one another. This strategic discipline is called brand architecture. A well-developed brand architecture that is founded in research improves brand performance by increasing brand awareness and ultimately brand preference. Visually uniting brand logos, signage and other points of interaction creates brand alignment and reduces customer confusion.

Creating brand architecture is an important part of our brand strategy process and provides a blueprint for long-term success with the constant changes in organizational structure, partnerships, and new product/service deployments. Our brand architecture design process considers the overarching business strategy, the degree of control over the delivery of the brand experience and simplicity. These are then reflected in your visual identity (marks, names, taglines). The end product serves as a lasting guide for brand management and growth.

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