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Brand Equity Measurement

Evaluate Brand Trust

As the business environment becomes more competitive, brand management becomes even more important. The process of evaluating your brand’s performance is often referred to as a brand audit or brand equity measurement. A comprehensive brand equity measurement study typically elicits the input from two constituencies – employees and customers. The comparison of employee and customer results are often quite powerful.

Our Brand Trust model includes:

Value: What are the benefits expected from your brand? What are your key strengths and weakness? How willing are customers to pay a premium for your products and services? How often do they prefer you?

Difference: How does your brand differ from competing alternatives? What is your image? What is your reputation?

Experience: What is it like to be a customer? An employee? What drives satisfaction?

Loyalty: What qualities in your brand drive customer and employee loyalty? How likely are they to recommend you to others?

By measuring your brand performance in this way, the gaps that may exist between employee beliefs and customer attitudes can be defined. Our brand research deliverables include a Value Map for strengths and weaknesses, a Perceptual Map to identify key points of difference, and an Experience Map to highlight key steps in the customer journey, touchpoints, and experience stewards.

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