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Conversation Mapping

Addressing the Complexities of Interpersonal Interactions

Communications set customer expectations. Conversations reinforce such.  Conversation mapping is a means to reinforce brand communications through interpersonal conversations which occur in a variety of ways.

Building our on approach for Message Mapping, which is often focused on written and digital communications, conversation mapping is a framework to establish the structure, tone, and content of such as you engage your customers.  This all reinforces the brand, so that conversations serve not only to address presented needs, but also to ensure brand consistency.

A conversation map involves key teams involved at key interactions in experience management.  We recognize that conversations are fluid and create a structure for the conversations rather than a script (which aren’t very effective).  This serves to meet both functional and emotional needs of both the customer and your team member.

Based on desired positioning, we craft key discussion points related to value, differentiators and the experience you hope you provide.

Our framework includes:

  • Demonstrating understanding of customer key needs
  • Optimizing the conversation to achieve the desired outcome
  • Confirming such with clearly outlined commitments

Conversation mapping can be utilized by many internal stakeholders.  These often include:

  • Prospectors
  • Call Centers
  • Operations, including those who deliver the experience
  • Support, including those who provide administrative functions to support the experience
  • Account Managers

We engage key teams to craft key conversations across the continuum of the customer experience.  Such is guided by our market insights and industry expertise.  The results provide these stakeholders with a road map on how to facilitate meaningful conversations to achieve the ideal business outcome.

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