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CRM Implementation

Maximize use of CRM Tools for Future Growth

We have monitored sales force effectiveness for a variety of B2B, healthcare, and oilfield service companies. From account managers to technical sales, physician liaisons to call centers, we have served as trusted advisors to companies seeking to enhance the customer experience.

Along with adopting sophisticated tools like Salesforce.com, we have assembled a team of specialists to maximize your sales potential through the use of timely information. We have built our process using both Salesforce.com assets and our own system for building marketing and customer experience dashboards.

Our Salesforce.com approach includes:

Architecture: To allocate programming resources for a successful implementation, we will first lead a series of activities to establish the vision for your CRM system. We work with you to develop critical success factors, review your existing sales process, compile a data inventory, and develop an analytical plan. This structure is then used to develop functional and technical requirements for the system.

Configuration: We utilize, to the extent possible, tools available in the Salesforce.com platform. This scope of work includes the adaptation of these tools to match the sales process specific to your organization. We can also provide custom programming as defined by the previous phase. We “brand” your tool to match corporate standards, reflect the sales process, and link marketing materials to each step. Gelb is uniquely able to provide not only the sales management tools, but – important to many of our clients – the ability to demonstrate marketing’s role in the customer acquisition and retention process.

Testing: We include testing as part of our process to ensure the inputs and outputs meet your functional requirements.

Training: Through our partners, we provide training on sales management, Salesforce.com usage, and provide user manuals.

Support: We host dashboards for a number of clients. As such, we provide telephone and on-site support to identify future needs, make system modifications and derive marketing insights from the data available.

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