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Cultural Assessments

Quantitative Tools to Explore Employee Attitudes

Our research tools are designed to determine the relative readiness for strategic change.

We use industry-leading cultural measurement to assess the cultural enablers and barriers of specific change initiatives. Often this identifies key areas / departments or leaders who are misaligned with your strategic goals and the behaviors exhibited by other parts of the organization.  This information can be used to measure drivers of culture (programs, strategies, activities or tactics), impact of culture (perceptions/attitudes) and outcomes of change of initiatives against a predetermined set of objectives.

Questions we seek to answer:

  • Will the cultural transformational efforts initiated actually have an effect in moving toward a patient-centered culture, and if so, how can we support and document that from a research perspective?
  • Will the activities we implement actually change what people know, think and feel, and how they act?
  • What impact will cultural change initiatives have in supporting strategy, improving the patient experience and changing the culture over the long term?

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