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Customer Advisory Board

Engage Customers in Strategic Planning Initiatives


A Customer Advisory Board (CAB) can be a powerful resource for identifying new market opportunities and can provide you with the means to engage key customers in developing strategic planning initiatives.

The Customer Advisory Board is a working group that becomes highly engaged in developing a key initiative of your organization, including new products, new services or entering new markets. Facilitated workshops can produce results much faster than traditional market research, particularly for developing technical solutions and clarifying other strategic planning needs.

The most important considerations are the make-up of your panel, the appropriateness of their input into your decision, and retaining a trained facilitator to guide the group toward a solution.  With our experience, we can help you identify the best subject matter experts with the strategic insights to facilitate your growth.

Sample Agenda:

Day 1
Review Customer Advisory Board objectives and process
Identify needs, problems and challenges
Develop potential solutions using “toolkits”

Day 2
Strategic overview of issues
Develop common definition of the market opportunity
Identify technology, knowledge or process gaps needed to develop viable service offerings

Day 3
Customer Advisory Board member presentations to share experience and provide subject matter expertise
Summarize/define the opportunities and evaluate/prioritize for action
Define next steps

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