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Decision Factors

Understand What Matters Most and When

Decision factors research is used to understand how current and prospective customers select your products and services.  This technique validates current behaviors and allows organizations to group customers into similar categories for service improvement and messaging.

We examine the key buying factors, influences (e.g., your resources, other sources) and involvement (i.e., the individuals who are actually executing the transactions).

This insight drives decisions regarding:

  • Segment prioritization and selection
  • Aligning the customer experience by segment
  • Distributing messages through touchpoints that are most frequently used
  • Reconfiguring service/product offers to best meet the needs of the target segments
  • Determining points of influence and involvement

In addition, this findings from this primary research can be replicated into your contact center database or CRM systems. We help your business to automate such once you’re ready for the next step in client relationship management (CRM) software.


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